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Diabetes FAQ » Diabetes Q&A » Does anyone have a good diet for diabetes, I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but my doctor did not give me a diet? My coworkers are telling me I should be on a diabetic diet.

Does anyone have a good diet for diabetes, I have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but my doctor did not give me a diet? My coworkers are telling me I should be on a diabetic diet.

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There really is no mystery behind a diabetes diet. Basically you are simply eating well-balanced meals that will help bring your glucose levels under control. With a diabetes diet, you must eat at regular intervals and you must eat a variety of nutritious foods. The key is to eat in moderate amounts and not overdo it.

You need to choose a diabetic diet composed of lots of vegetables and fruits and whole grains. However, not refined (white) grain since it is not as nutritional. A diabetic diet is not a restrictive diet that counts calories and not much else. A diabetic diet is a heart healthy diet and is the best kind of eating regime for everyone not only people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2 diabetes.

Plan your meals in advance

Planning your meals in advance will help you get the nutrients you need, and avoid the issues of not having the proper foods in the house between grocery days. It will also help when you are dining out, as you will know what foods you need to eat and which ones you should avoid.

As stated before, you need to choose the healthiest nutritious foods and you need to eat at regular intervals. When you stick to this plan, you will be consuming the same amount of nutrients each day and that will help bring back your blood sugar levels to normal or close to it. You will also control your calorie intake this way and you will lose weight. The reason you need to eat moderate sized portions is because a variety of carbohydrates can have the opposite effect and therefore it will take longer to control your blood sugar levels.

Consulting a dietitian

Proper diet may not be easy to figure out especially since you have been eating differently for years. A dietitian can help you to plan good wholesome meals based on foods you do like and introducing new foods that will provide you with the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

The dietitian can:

  • Help you with overeating.
  • Help you with making better food choices.
  • Help you with losing weight.

The dietitian will tailor make a diet that will fit you and your lifestyle in order for it to be as natural and as easy going as possible In some cases going from a previous diet of greasy foods and sugary snacks will be very hard to do all at once. Behavior modification specialists will help you make gradual, but permanent chances towards a diabetic diet.

Exchange system

An exchange system is a system where founds are grouped into different categories such as meats, fruits, vegetables, starches, fats, meat by products etc. A single serving of anything in any of these groups is called an exchange. Each exchange provides the same amount of proteins, calories, carbohydrates and fats needed to maintain your blood sugar levels. For example, a small apple and a third of a cup of cooked pasta will have the same all around value.

Counting your Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate counting is a helpful diabetic diet tool. This way you can keep track of the amount of carbohydrates you are getting and you can maintain the much-needed consistency to keep your blood sugar down. This becomes very important if you are on diabetic mediation or insulin treatments.

A qualified dietitian can teach you how to count carbohydrates especially if you are on insulin and that way you adjust your insulin dosage accordingly.

Glycemic Index

There is an index called the glycemic index, which is designed to show you how select your carbohydrates based on the affect they will have on blood sugar levels. The higher on the list these foods are found, the higher your blood glucose will be if you add too many of them to your diabetic diet.

You need to be careful using this list because you have to balance sugars with other dietary sources, just because a food item may be low on the list it does not mean it is not loaded with fats.

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